Skill in speaking, listening, and evaluating are basic requirements to move forward in today’s competitive environment.

Toastmasters can help you become a more dynamic speaker, active listener and confident leader. You can enjoy camaraderie with fellow toastmasters and a sense that with their guidance and your efforts, you can become an effective communicator.

Paul Revere Benefits

Our Club has seasoned speakers; mentors and evaluators who will help you develop and enhance your presentation skills. Our Club also can help you learn how to listen more effectively, speak in front of others and conduct meetings with conviction.

Community Benefits

The skills you learn in the Paul Revere Club can enable you to pursue civic, cultural and charitable activities confidently. You can feel more self-assured in your ability to tackle non-job related opportunities.

Do you want your communication skills to shine? Then grab the bull by the horns and visit the Paul Revere Club this Tuesday.