Welcome to Paul Revere – Club 602!

Toastmasters can help you lose your fear of public speaking and develop skills that can help you be a more effective speaker, listener and leader in your chosen vocation. You can develop the skills needed to conduct successful meetings. You can learn how to comfortably give and receive constructive suggestions. You can develop camaraderie with fellow toastmasters and a sense that with their guidance and your efforts, you can become an effective communicator.

Community Benefits

Toastmasters helps members with community service. Using the speaking and leadership skills they develop, members become more involved in business, church and charity organizations. They can organize activities, conduct meetings, and communicate effectively. And they have a can-do attitude, a hallmark of Paul Revere Club members.

Paul Revere Club Benefits

Individuals face an endless exchange of ideas, messages, and information as they deal with one another and groups throughout their day. How effective they are at these exchanges determines how quickly they will achieve their goals. After all, in today’s market place, an individual’s success depends on good communication skills. You’ll have the opportunity to cultivate these skills in the Paul Revere Club.