Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is Each Meeting?

Each meeting is 90 minutes long. It starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 8:30 AM. As part of our professionalism, we strive to start and end on time.

Can Children Attend the Meeting?

Only adults 18 and older can attend the meetings. Occasionally, however, members are allowed to bring young children and introduce them to the Toastmasters experience. These exceptions should be discussed with the Toastmaster or Club Presidnet ahead of time.

Do I Have to Attend Every Meeting?

No. However, attendance on a regular basis is the best way to learn to overcome your fear of public speaking and become more proficient in your listening, evaluating and leadership skills.

What Do You Do During the Meeting?

Every meeting has an agenda. The meeting is structured in such a way that each club member has an opportunity to exercise their speaking skills. During the meeting there will be speeches, evaluations, reporting and discussions that gives members the chance to practice these skills.

I’m Nervous About Attending; Should I Be?

Yes, that’s natural. However, everyone in Toastmasters felt the same way. We all remember what it was like in the beginning: a little scary, but like you, we took that first step.  Toastmasters is about improvement, about becoming a better speaker!

How Much Does a Membership with Toastmasters Cost?

Currently, the International plus the Club dues are $60 every six months, which is pro-rated if you join in a month other than October or April.

How Much Does Each Meeting Cost?

Each meeting you attend is a $4 investment in your development. That includes room rental, coffee and an opportunity to improve your presentation skills.

Can I Bring A Friend With Me?

Absolutely! We would be delighted to have your friend join you at one of our club meetings.  That way, they too can decide whether or not they want to join the Paul Revere Club.

Can I Try It Out for a Month?

You are welcome to attend as a guest for two meetings. After that, you need to join or select another club to visit. In fact, we encourage visitors to attend other clubs before making a decision on which club to join.

Who Do I Contact If I Want to Visit the Club?

You can reach out to the V.P. of Membership on our Contact Us page.