New Member Induction Ceremony


The purpose of the Induction Ceremony is to welcome the inductee into the Club and to clearly state the Club’s expectations of the inductee and the Club’s Memberships’ responsibility to the inductee.  It is a two street; both beings contribute to the other’s success.

Pledge of the Inductee

” I, ( ), in the presence of my fellow members of the  Toastmasters Club 602, make this firm obligation: to attend meeting regularly and prepare fully for each assignment; to apply myself to the program outlined in the Toastmasters manuals; to participate actively in club activities; to evaluate others in a positive, constructive manner; to build open, friendly relationships with my fellow members; to bring other new members into the club so that they can also gain the benefits of Toastmasters. ”

Pledge of All Club Members

” We the members of the  Toastmasters Club 602, pledge to support you in your quest for self-development; to provide you with positive, helpful evaluations; to maintain a friendly, supportive atmosphere; to give you opportunities to help others and to make your Toastmasters membership a rewarding and fulfilling experience”