In today’s market place, an individual’s success depends on good communication skills.

  • Making effective presentations
  • Developing enhanced listening skills
  • Sharpening leadership skills
  • Providing constructive suggestions and
  • Accepting useful criticism, graciously.

You’ll have the opportunity to to develop and cultivate these skills at the Paul Revere Club.  We’re your partner in your efforts to become an effective communicator.


When you join Toastmasters International and the Paul Revere Club, you will receive the following:

  • The organization’s renowned monthly magazine, “Toastmaster”, which comes in both digital and paper format,
  • A variety of manuals geared to achieving your goals as a Toastmaster,
  • Access to Toastmaster International video and audio resources on speaking, listening, evaluating and leading,
  • Admission to the Paul Revere Members Only section, where you can chart your progress.

How hard you work and how much you participate determines how quickly you grow as a speaker, a listener, a leader, a Toastmaster.