Paul Revere Club 602


Membership Fee Calculation & Payment Policy

 (October 1, 2014)




Toastmasters International Fees

      1st Time Only

New member fee members $20.00                  _____________

CA state sales tax $1.60                                 _____________



      Prorated Semi-Annual Dues :

October           or         April      $36.00

November       or         May         30.00

December        or         June          24.00

January           or         July          18.00

February         or         August                 12.00

March             or         September  6.00          ____________


Sub-total of                                                                                                     ____________


Toastmaster International Dues                                                                    


Club 602 Semi-Annual Dues and Fees

            October           or         April             24.00

November       or         May              20.00

December        or         June               16.00

January           or         July               12.00

February         or         August                        8.00

March             or         September       4.00                                         ______    ____



                                                TOTAL AMOUNT DUE              $ ________________   _


Club 602 Weekly Meeting Fee

In addition to the above fees, there is a weekly meeting fee of $4.00 for attendees.  This fee is necessary due to meeting expenses and the financial arrangement with the Grand Street Center that allows the club to use the meeting room. This fee is to be paid one month in advance.


Name: ___________________________________________


Payment Method :            Check No. ___________     Date:  ___/___/____





Dues and Fees Payment Policy

October 1, 2014)

Toastmaster InternationalŐs Board of Directors sets the semi-annual dues schedule for membership in Toastmasters.  Likewise, the Paul Revere ClubŐs Executive Committee (ExCom) sets its SEMI-ANNUAL Dues Schedule and MEETING Dues Schedule for Club membership. The amounts are pro-rated depending on when the person joins Toastmasters. The ClubŐs SEMI-ANNUAL Dues cover its fixed costs like facility rent and room set-up while the MEETING Dues cover variable costs like coffee and supplies.

SEMI-ANNUAL Dues are paid in advance and cover either the 6-month period from October through March or April through September. The MEETING Dues, on the other hand, are based on a memberŐs attendance. For example, if a person thinks he/she will attend all the meetings in a 4 meeting month, then the member would pay $16 at a $4 per meeting rate. This payment would be made prior to the start of the new month. If a person attends fewer meetings than anticipated, then the amount assigned to the missed meeting would be carried forward to the next month.

The ExCom periodically adjusts the SEMI-ANNUAL Dues and MEETING Dues depending on the ClubŐs membership. All dues are paid in advance.

The Club maintains a minimum balance of $500 for solvency purposes.  Also, a modest balance to cover anticipated on-going expenses plus funds approved by the ExCom and or membership to obtain items necessary for the ClubŐs meetings are similarly accumulated.

Members will be notified monthly by email of their account balance.  A PayPal link will be included in the statements so that members can pay their dues/fees on line immediately, otherwise checks may be given to the Treasurer personally at a regular meeting, or sent by mail. The Treasurer does not accept cash payments.

Semi-annual Club and Toastmaster International dues are due and payable April 1 and October 1, in accordance with the policy of Toastmasters International.  Members who have not paid all of these dues by those dates will be considered in arrears.  These members will be informed via email, and if payment is not made within the due month, the member will approached regarding payment and will be considered for dismissal from the Paul Revere Club.

Toastmaster International policies will determine how long a member can remain a member of Toastmasters without paying International dues. Current policies provide for reinstatement by paying past dues or by rejoining after a period of time.

Paul Revere Club meeting fees are to be paid one month in advance at the stated meeting fee amount.  If a member falls behind in the payment of fees by one full month (not including advance fees), she/he will be considered in arrears.  The member will be informed via email and or in person.

If a member is behind in payment of meeting fees or dues, any payment from the member will be applied to the meeting fees which are due first (not including advance fees), then the remainder will be applied to Toastmaster International fees next, and then to Club fees, and then to special fees (such as the installation dinner or a manual).

Toastmaster clubs are not allowed to pay International dues for anyone without first having received a payment from the member. This is why it is imperative that members pay their dues by the semi-annual due dates.